What is https://messagebomber.com?

A. It's a prank texting service that allows you to send hundreds of theme based texts to your friends. send hundreds of text messages to the target and watch them squirm!

Q. How does the prank work?

A. You select the type of text prank you want to send. The user will either receive up to 100 different messages at a pre-determined time frame, selected by you.

Q. Will the person know it's me that played a pranked them?

A. No, the target of the prank will never know who did it. However, we do send a message to the user to block themselves from being pranked in the future.

We do this to comply to FCC opt-out regulations on text messaging and robo-calls.

Q. Why do you charge money?

A. We charge a flat rate of 6¢ per SMS or Call + 50¢ processing fee. This fee covers the cost of microtransaction fees on Paypal & Stripe.

The most you would pay for Pranking any single number would be $5.50 per prank.

Also, texting costs money, we're not paying for you to prank your friends.

We have to cover our costs to keep the site up, hosting, PayPal & Stripe Fees, Phoneline rentals, and make it easy for you to prank.

Q. Is this site serious?

A. Yes, try It out! Message Bomb someones phone here